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You Would Like to Become a Terrazzofino® Partner?

We’re always looking for new partners. To ensure that the Terrazzofino® brand continues to stand for the highest quality in the future, we are very selective about our partners. Offering Terrazzofino® for sale comes with stringent requirements, including the installation of Terrazzofino® coverings. Masterly craftsmanship cannot be guaranteed without appropriate additional training.

Do you have a showroom and sell interior furnishings, kitchens or bathrooms? Then contact us.

Are you a contractor and interested in working with Terrazzofino®? Then please read more here:

Terrazzofino® Is NOT a Freely Available Product

We supply our products exclusively to our licensed partners. This ensures the highest quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Terrazzofino® Is a Network of Highly Trained Specialists

We place high demands on our partners. Only this way can we guarantee professional installation on site.

Are You a Painter, Floor Layer, Plasterer or Stuccoer and Would Like to Become a Partner?

We have the following requirements for future partners:

1. Owner-managed PLC (AG) or LLC (GmbH).
2. Company size of 3 to 30 employees.
3. Your quality approach is above average.
4. Your company has been successful in the market for at least 5 years.
5. You’re not just looking for a new product, but a partnership and exclusive network.
6. You have an excellent network and good relationships.
7. You or parts of your workforce have already worked with seamless floor coverings.

If you and your company meet all these requirements, we look forward to hearing from you. We will be happy to discuss the immense potential of Terrazzofino® with you in a personal conversation.