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Terrazzofino® Versatile

Terrazzofino® Versatile is the latest development from Terrazzofino. Versatile is characterized by its very fine surface texture. This cement-based mineral covering is not only ultrathin, but also very durable and extremely easy to clean.

This floor covering is also made by hand. The seamless covering is distinguished by its sophisticated comfort and enormous versatility. Terrazzofino® Versatile is suitable for all applications, as a floor or wall covering, for stairs as well as for wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers and spa & wellness areas.

Terrazzofino® Versatile was developed in 2016 with the goal of combining the latest aesthetic design standards with enormous versatility.

Terrazzofino® Versatile is available from our sample collection in 9 trendy standard colors or can be customized to your shade of choice upon request.