Terrazzofino Stucco Gressani

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Terrazzofino® Stucco Gressani

Terrazzofino® Stucco Gressani is a seamless wall covering made of marble.

Lime putty, also known as slaked lime, is humankind’s oldest building material. Working with this material was perfected during the Italian Renaissance.

The compound consists only of marble limestone and marble dust and becomes a seamless covering by applying it within the building using the historical fresco technique.

Through a final treatment with soap, the covering becomes water-repellent and immune to moisture. Thus, seamless rooms in spa & wellness areas be realized.

This plastering process requires years of experience and detailed knowledge of the fresco technique.

We have acquired this knowledge at the European Institute San Servolo in Venice and produce the necessary raw materials under our own brand in a small marble factory in Italy.

Under the brand Terrazzofino® Stucco Gressani, we have been installing this fantastic natural material in bathrooms, villas, castles and living spaces since 1993.

The cooling effect of the marble covering combined with the moiré of the marble dust gives rooms a new luster. View this exclusive wall covering in the showroom of one of our suppliers. It’s guaranteed to fascinate.

The product is 100% ecological, breathable and antiseptic and neutralizes environmental toxins such as CO2. Thanks to the cooling effect, rooms equipped with this covering are comfortable even at night during the hot summer months. In bedrooms, it is an ideal wall surface for healthy sleep.