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Terrazzofino® HeavyDuty

Terrazzofino® HeavyDuty was developed in 2014 and is particularly suitable as a workshop floor at home or in commercial buildings. The handmade covering is easy to mold and impresses with its naturalness and patina after curing.

This floor is extremely durable and hard-wearing, and the seamless floor covering can be walked on within 72 hours. The product can usually be combined with the Lofec® electric heating system as Terrazzofino® Comfort and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The sealant is designed according to the requirements of the customer, who can also select a desired shade from the 3 basic colors. Available in light grey, concrete look or anthracite.

The product is highly versatile: For the Giardina 2015 garden show in Zurich, even planters were designed with this product line. Applying an additional layer of sealant makes the product suitable for a lot of applications.