Product Overview

Seamless Specialty Coverings from Terrazzofino® …

Seamless specialty coverings from Terrazzofino® are available in countless designs and color variations. Each wall, floor and ceiling is unique. We are proud to present you with a small seamless product selection here. Please select a category and the corresponding product for your unique space.

Seamless Specialty Coverings

Seamless products from Terrazzofino® are also available for highly specialized applications. For seemingly invisible audio-visual solutions. Or why not opt for panels or kitchen cabinet fronts made of Terrazzofino®? Take a look around.

Mobilar – Seamless doors and cabinet fronts.
Sounds – Invisibly integrate audio and video in walls, floors and ceilings.
Detaills – The solution for baseboards and end trim.
HeavyDuty – The workshop floor for at home or commercial buildings..