Terrazzofino Rasato

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Terrazzofino® Rasato

Terrazzofino® Rasato impresses with its classic surface structure. Thanks to its slightly rougher surface, this cement-based mineral covering is highly slip-resistant and extremely durable.

This floor covering offers a seamless surface that is made by hand and impresses with its comfortable feel. This makes Terrazzofino® Rasato the ideal floor covering for both stairs and wet rooms.

Terrazzofino® Rasato was developed in 2006 with the goal of preserving an industrial character while also creating warmth, comfort and natural elegance. Restaurants, bars and furniture stores benefit from this floor covering with an industrial finish. But it is just as popular in offices, apartments and bathrooms. Terrazzofino® has already used it on several thousand square meters.

This success is also confirmed by the innovation prize Horizonte21: For the development of Rasato, Terrazzofino® was awarded the first prize in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Terrazzofino® Rasato is available from our sample collection in 11 standard colors or can be customized to your shade of choice upon request.