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Terrazzofino ® Liscio

This collection was developed together with the designer Luigi Greco of Spazio Living in Horn. It is similar to Terrazzofino® Rasato but has a slightly finer surface texture. New natural stone colors have been added to accommodate the common customer request of being able to color the floor or wall with local coloring.

The special natural stone colors are produced from sandstone mixtures from the Bernese Jura, Lake Zurich and Lake Constance as well as from the marble quarries in Umbria and Carrara. All Terrazzofino pastes are produced in-house in Switzerland. This allows us to combine masterly Italian design with the quality of traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

Thanks to the natural, local building material, numerous projects in Switzerland could be carried out under the Minergie P label. With its coverings, Terrazzofino® meets all standards for natural & ecological floor and wall coverings. This makes Terrazzofino® both sustainable and easy to maintain.

Terrazzofino® Liscio is available from our sample collection in 11 standard colors or can be customized to your shade of choice upon request.

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