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Seamless Floor Coverings from Terrazzofino®

Seamless floor coverings from Terrazzofino® are available in countless designs and color variations. Each seamless floor is unique. Please select the corresponding product to find out more about individual options.

Our Seamless Floor Coverings

Terrazzofino® floor coverings are suitable for all interiors. They’re sophisticated, graceful, natural, ecological, slip-resistant and easy to care for.

Rasato – Comfortable, slip-resistant and durable.
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Liscio – Finely textured floor covering in natural stone colors.
Versatile – Our most finely textured covering with a sophisticated finish.
HeavyDuty – The workshop floor for at home or commercial buildings.

Seamless Floor Coverings from Terrazzofino® Have More to Offer

Nearly all Terrazzofino® floor coverings are also suitable for seamless wall designs. The different floor coverings can be readily combined with one another. Installation in wet rooms is also possible. Seamless bathrooms, showers and spa & wellness areas no longer require silicone joints. Cleaning becomes a breeze.

Terrazzofino® Prices – What Do Seamless Floor Coverings Cost?

Terrazzofino® is expertly applied by hand. The costs for seamless floor coverings vary accordingly. The conditions at the site must be clarified beforehand. The more corners, edges, connections or stairs, the higher the price. For simple layouts, prices start at CHF 150.- per square meter. Our prices always include all services provided.

When you opt for a Terrazzofino® floor, you receive a completely unique product. This is designed for you with great love and dedication and carefully installed. Terrazzofino® floor coverings are a timeless investment. And the covering is a breeze to clean. It’s clear: Terrazzofino® always pays off threefold.

Call today to make an appointment with one of our specialist contractors located near you. Our specialists are happy to advise you, demonstrate Terrazzofino® in the showroom and provide you with a non-binding offer.