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Terrazzofino® Elements

Terrazzofino® Elements offers a selection of paneling systems that follow existing industry standards and can be produced as a small series. Product lines are available for shower walls and shower floors, for kitchen backsplashes and wall panels and much more.

The Elements product line planters were awarded the Giardina Gold Award at the Giardina garden show. Terrazzofino® Elements impresses with its quick installation time, its production in Terrazzofino’s own factory and consistently high product quality.

In bathrooms and especially in wet areas, a wide range of coverings made of thinly layered ceramic tiles have been developed by our design partners in recent years. In combination with Terrazzofino® seamless compounds, customers can choose from the best ceramic surfaces, mosaics and decorative panels and design their own bathroom concept that incorporates these with our seamless coverings.

The installation of Terrazzofino® Elements ensures the integrity of the entire shower cubicle and quick and seamless assembly of all coverings in the shower area.

Both the fitting for the “Elements” shower tray as well as the wall panels can be supplied in large formats up to 3m in ceiling height and a width of 1.5m. This means that joints are only visible in the inner corners of the shower area.

Especially when remodeling under time constraints, Terrazzofino® Elements is highly popular with architects and planners. Numerous bathrooms and showers have already been designed with this innovative system.

In addition, Lofec® panel heating can be installed in walls and floors as Terrazzofino® Comfort with all coverings.