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Lofec Electric Heating – For Mold Remediation

With Lofec, mold doesn’t stand a chance! The ultrathin Lofec panel heating and the patented control technology mean that the wall’s surface temperature constantly remains above the dew point. The intelligent combination of surface temperature, hysteresis (difference in temperature), relative humidity and a minimum proportion of ON time of the Lofec panel heating prevents the formation of condensation on the surface. Moisture, the cause of mold growth, is thereby permanently prevented.

Developed to Destroy Mold – The Innovation in Remediation

1. 0.5 mm thin 24V technology – the thin heating panels give an incredibly low overall profile.
2. Easy to install – installation in walls, floors or ceilings is a breeze. Painters, plasterers, stuccoers or tile layers install the heating mat like a fabric mesh. Fastening can be carried out with all common troweling compounds or adhesives. Any good electrician will be happy to connect the system.
3. Lofec heating panels are 100% reliable – the heating panels can be used anywhere, on practically every subsurface and under practically every surface covering. The heating panels are damage tolerant. The panel will continue to heat even if up to 1/3 of the panel is damaged. Cutting out sockets or hanging pictures isn’t a problem.
4. Perfect in rental apartments – Lofec mold remediation can be controlled and invoiced separately. It offers low electricity consumption, is completely maintenance-free and can be supplied with an integrated energy meter upon request.

Lofec heating panels for mold remediation are available with a 60-watt or 130-watt power output. The control is wired and takes place via a surface temperature sensor.

Technical Versions of Lofec Heating Panels for Mold Remediation

Model Type Watt Output Width Max. Length
S24V Fabric, laminated 60 W
130 W
60 cm
17 cm
8.0 m
13.0 m


Technical Versions of Lofec Junction Boxes for Mold Remediation

Model Type Installation Measurements (LxWxH)
300 W Analog Flush-mounted** 335x350x95 mm
600 W Analog Flush-mounted** 335x350x95 mm
1000 W Analog Flush-mounted** 460x350x95 mm

**deliverable as a surface-mounted version

lofec steuerung und regeltechnik

Video Tutorial – Installation of a Junction Box for Mold Remediation

For further details on Lofec electric heating, please refer to our brochure “LOFEC® MOLD REMEDIATION“.

You can find instruction manuals for Lofec owners under Service for Building Clients and detailed technical data and assembly instructions for planners and contractors under Service for Planners.

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