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Lofec 24V – Heating Panels from Lofec

Lofec as Underfloor Heating

Whether as a controlled floor tempering in the shower tray or as a pleasant underfloor heating in secondary rooms – Lofec heating panels fit and heat every centimeter. Thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution, the panel heating can be combined with any type of floor covering. The prescribed temperature limits are of course complied with. Due to the high damage tolerance of Lofec heating panels, cutting out drains and outlets is completely safe. Lofec always keeps on heating.

Lofec as Wall Heating

In walls, Lofec heating panels ensure a comfortable room climate or selective heated areas. A significant advantage of the heating panels is their high damage tolerance: Nails and dowels aren’t a problem.

Lofec as Ceiling Heating

Ceiling heating is the most economical type of heating, even if it isn’t as widespread yet. Because of the minimal profile, heat-up times are very short. In combination with a maintenance-free control unit, use in ceilings guarantees optimum energy efficiency, while offering the highest flexibility in room design at the same time.

Technical Versions of Lofec Heating Panels in Detail

Model Type Watt Output Width Max. Length
G24V All-rounder, fabric, perforated, laminated 60 W
110 W
220 W
8,0 m
4,5 m
2,2 m


B24V Laminated for floating floors 125 W 60cm 4, 0 m


N24V Fleece-laminated for wet areas 125 W
220 W
320 W
4,0 m
2,2 m
5,4 m


For further details on Lofec electric heating, please refer to our brochure “LOFEC® COMFORT HEATING”.

You can find instruction manuals for Lofec owners under Service for Building Clients and detailed technical data and assembly instructions for planners and contractors under Service for Planners.