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Lofec Electric Heating – Junction Boxes from Lofec

Lofec junction boxes are the control center of any Lofec panel heating system. Choose between intelligent digital technology or a comfortable wired solution. Controlling the system is straightforward, either via a simple on/off switch, a surface sensor or an easy-to-use room thermostat.

Technical Versions of Lofec Junction Boxes in Detail

Model Type Installation Measurements (LxWxH)
300W Switch-mode power supply Surface-mounted Ø120×40 mm
300W Digital* Flush-mounted** 335x350x95 mm
600W Digital* Flush-mounted** 335x350x95 mm
900W Digital* Flush-mounted** 460x350x95 mm
1200W Digital* Surface-mounted 300x380x150 mm
1800W Digital* Surface-mounted 300x380x150 mm
2100W Digital* Surface-mounted 600x380x210 mm
2400W Digital* Surface-mounted 600x380x210 mm
2700W Digital* Surface-mounted 600x380x210 mm
3000W Digital* Surface-mounted 600x380x210 mm
>3000W Central control Surface-mounted 1100x700x400 mm

*deliverable as a wired version
**deliverable as a surface-mounted version

lofec steuerung und regeltechnik lofec regeltechnik

Video Tutorial – Installation of a Digital Junction Box

Video Tutorial – Using an Analog Thermostat

Video Tutorial – Using a Digital Thermostat

For further details on Lofec electric heating, please refer to our brochure “LOFEC® COMFORT HEATING”.

You can find instruction manuals for Lofec owners under Service for Building Clients and detailed technical data and assembly instructions for planners and contractors under Service for Planners.