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Lofec Electric Heating – Comfort Panel Heating

Whether applied to the wall, ceiling or floor: Lofec electric heating stands for the thinnest comfort heating in the world. The 24V Lofec system was specially developed for seamless troweled surfaces with a handcrafted character. This results in the ultimate Terrazzofino® Comfort. Whether used as ceiling heating, wall heating in private bathrooms, underfloor heating in showers, heated seats in wellness facilities or underfloor heating in kitchens – this electric heating system has been used as comfort heating with 24V low-voltage technology in the projects of many satisfied customers.

Lofec electric heating is suitable as comfort heating for new buildings, remodels and renovations. The ultrathin Lofec panel heating system enables the temperature control and heating of surfaces and rooms with healthy, invisible radiant heat. Even directly in wet areas. Intelligent heat boosts wellbeing while lowering energy costs.

The Benefits of Lofec Electric Heating at a Glance

1. 24V technology makes the system energy-efficient and safe to install even in wet rooms.
2. At just 0.5mm, the Lofec panel heating system is ultrathin, and the radiant heat ensures uniform, healthy heat.
3. Lofec panel heating is reliable, can be used anywhere and can be damaged up to 1/3.
4. Installation is as easy as embedding a fabric mesh and can take place on nearly all subsurfaces.

Lofec panel heating is available with a 60-watt, 110-watt, 125-watt, 130-watt, 220-watt or 320-watt power output. The system can be controlled via remote or wired with an on/off switch, thermostat or time switch.

For further details on Lofec electric heating, please refer to our brochure “LOFEC® COMFORT HEATING”.

You can find instruction manuals for Lofec owners under Service for Building Clients and detailed technical data and assembly instructions for planners and contractors under Service for Planners.