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Seamless Products from Terrazzofino® …

Seamless products from Terrazzofino® are available in countless designs and color variations. Each wall, floor and ceiling is unique. We are proud to present you with a small seamless product selection here. Please select a category and the corresponding product for your unique space.

Product Overview

The descriptions below offer you an initial overview of the individual product categories as well as application and design possibilities.

By clicking on the image below, you can learn about all the benefits of a Terrazzofino® covering.

Everything you need to know about seamless coverings from Terrazzofino.


Seamless Floor Coverings

Many seamless products from Terrazzofino® are ideally suited as floor coverings. Sophisticated, graceful, natural, ecological, slip-resistant and easy to care for.

Rasato – Comfortable, slip-resistant and durable.
image 10
Liscio – Finely textured floor covering in natural stone colors.
HeavyDuty – The workshop floor for at home or commercial buildings.

Seamless Wall Coverings

In contrast to floor coverings, seamless products from Terrazzofino® applied to walls can feature deep textures. Elaborate plaster techniques, individually applied for you following old artisan tradition.

image 10
Liscio – Finely textured covering in natural stone colors.
Versatile – Our most finely textured covering with a sophisticated finish.
Concret – The color series with a concrete finish.
Terra Fino – Handmade seamless covering made of high-quality stone plaster.
Terra Classico – Stone plaster with a mica effect.
Stucco Gressani – Natural walls made of shell limestone and marble dust.

Seamless Wet Rooms

Customizing a kitchen, bathroom, shower or complete spa & wellness facility with seamless products from Terrazzofino®? No problem. The benefits are clear. No pesty joints that have to be cleaned.

Rasato – Slip-resistant and durable, making it ideal for floors.
image 10
Liscio – Ideal for floors and walls, beautiful and practical at once.
Versatile – Ideal for walls in bathrooms, showers and spas.
Elements – Panel systems available as wall panels and backsplashes.


Seamless Specialty Coverings

Seamless products from Terrazzofino® are also available for highly specialized applications. For seemingly invisible audio-visual solutions. Or why not opt for panels or kitchen fronts made of Terrazzofino®? Take a look around.

Mobilar – Seamless doors and cabinet fronts.
Sounds – Invisibly integrate audio and video in walls, floors and ceilings.
Detaills – The solution for baseboards and end trim.

Lofec® Comfort Heating

Terrazzofino® Comfort stands for the world’s thinnest panel heating system with 24V low voltage. This makes Lofec® ideal for seamless integration under a Terrazzofino® covering as well as under parquet, ceramic tiles or even under wallpaper. Underfloor heating, wall heating, secondary heating – that’s Terrazzofino® Comfort.

Lofec – The world’s thinnest panel heating.