Product Overview

Our Vision of Seamless Coverings – Live and Work Even More Beautifully

The reason for doing what we do began with a vision of seamless coverings for floors, walls and ceilings. We not only wanted them to be versatile, but beautiful, intelligent and easy to care for.

Sophisticated design, innovative technology and the flawless application will make your living dreams come true. The attractive finish of Terrazzofino® coverings leads to exceptionally beautiful results. We don’t depend solely on tradition but continually develop our profession further. Masterful craftsmanship, sometimes thousands of years old, is combined with the latest know-how and creative inspiration. The results of this combination amaze and fascinate with perfection and beauty. Seamless and versatile.

Through continuous product scouting at all well-known domestic and foreign trade fairs, our “Home of Terrazzofino” exhibitions are always kept up to date and in touch with the latest trends.

Highest Design Quality

Terrazzofino® coverings were developed to meet the highest aesthetic standards in interior design. Uncompromising quality and design come first. In the beginning, over 15 years ago, we started with just a vision of seamless coverings. Now our coverings exude unparalleled elegance and, because of their seamlessness, have a wonderfully calming and appealing effect. They are water-resistant, easy to maintain, sustainable, meet the Minergie standards and are slip-resistant even when damp. This makes our award-winning floor and wall coverings ideal for all living spaces. In 2008, we were awarded the marketing prize Horizonte21, the German marketing prize for painters and stuccoers, for the development of Terrazzofino® floor coverings. Our vision of seamless coverings has since paid off for thousands of customers.

Given the countless variations, colors and application possibilities, Terrazzofino® is suitable for elegant new buildings as well as for stylish renovations.

Seamless walls made of shell limestone and marble dust: As master painters and stuccoers, we have extensive knowledge of various wall, floor and other surface coverings used in the home. Terrazzofino® Stucco Gressani is not only a seamless wall covering, but is also suitable for fixtures, design elements and furniture.

We’re happy to advise you on our complete range of products.