Product Overview

Modernizing & Renovating with Terrazzofino®

Modernizing & renovating with Terrazzofino® offers additional benefits. The seamless mineral covering for walls and floors is not only unmatched in beauty. It is also highly suitable for direct application to any type of subsurface. Ceramic tiles, for example, no longer have to be removed or sanded down. This way, Terrazzofino® not only saves time and money but ensures that virtually no dirt or dust is generated.

In addition, Terrazzofino® coverings are made of minerals. This makes them organic and completely safe for humans and the environment. Ecologically enhancing living spaces and taking a contemporary approach to modernizing & renovating: Terrazzofino® coverings make it possible.

Uncompromisingly Beautiful

Terrazzofino® coverings were developed to meet the highest aesthetic standards in interior design. Uncompromising quality and design come first.

Our coverings exude unparalleled elegance and, because of their seamlessness, have a wonderfully calming and extremely appealing effect.

They are easy to clean, washable, crack-resistant and breathable. Terrazzofino® coverings are also sustainable, meet the Minergie standards and are slip-resistant even when damp. This makes our award-winning floor and wall coverings ideal for all living spaces.

Given the countless variations, colors and application possibilities, Terrazzofino® is suitable for elegant new buildings as well as for stylish renovations.

Our collections captivate with beautiful shades that incorporate minerals with natural colors. This makes it possible to create minimalist designs on floors, walls, ceilings and even in wet rooms. Ideal for designers and anyone with high standards.

Take your time. Look around. You can find a helpful summary in our product overview. We distinguish between seamless products for floors, walls, wet rooms (bath, shower, wellness areas, sauna, etc.) and special application requirements, e.g. for commercial buildings, retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

Terrazzofino® Costs for Remodeling & Renovation

Terrazzofino® is expertly applied by hand. The costs for seamless wall coverings vary accordingly. The conditions at the site must be clarified beforehand. The more corners, edges, connections or reveals, the higher the price.

While a price per square meter starting at CHF 40.- for seamless walls and CHF 150.- for seamless floors can be expected for new buildings, additional costs are incurred for renovation and modernization projects. In old buildings, existing subsurfaces are often no longer viable. If carpets or parquet floors must be torn out or adhesive residues or falling ceramic tiles must be sanded down, higher costs are of course inevitable.

Generally, it can be said that modernization with Terrazzofino® is less expensive than preparing and resurfacing old flooring. Common preliminary services, e.g. the removal of existing surfaces, cost just as much for every other type of covering. However, when you opt for Terrazzofino®, you receive a completely unique product. This is designed for you with great love and dedication and carefully installed. A Terrazzofino® covering is a timeless investment. Terrazzofino® is always worthwhile.

Allow Yourself to Be Inspired

We have countless references for all possible applications. For a quick overview, please visit our photo gallery for living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, stairs as well as seamless office and commercial buildings.

You can find an even greater selection in our showrooms. Make an appointment, stop by and receive a consultation from one our experts. You can find a Terrazzofino specialist near you by using this list of locations and directions to our showrooms and suppliers.

We look forward to your visit!