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Seamless Benefits of a Terrazzofino® Covering

Terrazzofino® offers seamless benefits on floors, walls and ceilings. Terrazzofino® is personalized and versatile. Sophisticated design is combined with innovative technology and flawless application. The high-end finish leads to exceptionally beautiful spatial experiences.

Traditional artistry is continually and masterfully developed further. Modern know-how is combined with creative inspiration. The result: coverings that are fascinating, sophisticated and beautiful.

Unique Benefits of Terrazzofino®

1. Individual Craftsmanship

Terrazzofino® coverings are produced individually for each customer. You can choose a covering from our standard collection or a customized covering in the color of your choice. We can recreate any shade for you, whether it be from kt ColorFarrow & BallLe CorbusierRAL or NCS. We also support you with creative ideas during the selection process. The on-site execution corresponds with the sample 1:1. This means no significant structural or color deviations. The covering is applied by hand directly at the building site, ensuring that you always end up with a unique result.

2. Uniformly Dyed Covering Material

Terrazzofino® is dyed uniformly. While conventional covering materials are also made up of multiple layers, only their thin surface layer is colored. Not so with Terrazzofino®. This offers unique advantages if you happen to drop a heavy object, e.g. a hammer or pointed scissors. The resulting dent is less visible. Touch-ups are a breeze and hardly noticeable. In addition, the thin application thickness of 3 – 4 mm ensures that your covering remains free of cracks.

3. Guaranteed Proper Installation

Terrazzofino works exclusively with licensed contractors and trained specialists for installation. Our training programs last several weeks. This allows us to ensure the highest quality of workmanship, regardless of which product you choose. Achieving beautiful results requires a reputable and experienced contractor. Other manufacturers focus on mass production. Their products are freely available from any supplier. Not so with Terrazzofino®. We deliver exclusively to intensively trained specialists. This allows us as the manufacturer to guarantee flawless installation. You can find a list of our partner contractors here.

4. Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Seamless floor coverings from Terrazzofino® can be easily cleaned with a cloth and some water. With Terrazzofino® maintenance products, you can keep your floor beautiful for a lifetime.

5. For Every Subsurface

Whether it be a subfloor with underfloor heating or a wall made of concrete or brick, Terrazzofino® coverings can even be applied directly to existing ceramic tiles. And that without removing or sanding down the tiles. This not only saves time, but also prevents dusty, noisy work.

6. Highest Quality Pays Off

A seamless Terrazzofino® covering lasts forever. It can be easily re-sanded and freshly applied as needed. Refreshing the sealant is also possible at any time. Your investment pays off doubly. With Terrazzofino®, carefree durability is always ensured.

It’s clear: Terrazzofino® was designed to meet the highest standards in interior design. Uncompromising for the highest quality and exquisite results.

Terrazzofino® is waterproof, easy to care for and sustainable. These seamless benefits speak for themselves. Our award-winning coverings meet the Minergie standards. They are slip-resistant even when damp, making Terrazzofino® ideal for wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers, wellness areas and spas.

Given the countless variations, colors and application possibilities, Terrazzofino® is suitable for elegant new buildings as well as for stylish renovations. Whether it be for residential areas, office spaces or commercial buildings.

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You can find additional seamless benefits of Terrazzofino® in our brochure Living Dreams Come True

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