The New Terrazzofino Versatile for Seamless Flooring Now Available

Terrazzofino Versatile for Seamless Flooring – Now Available

Terrazzofino Versatile for seamless flooring is our latest development. Until now we’ve offered this very fine surface texture for wall coverings only. Today we are proud to announce, this trendy and stylish covering can be used as a seamless floor as well.

Hand Made Seamless Floor

Terrazzofino® Versatile is a cement-based mineral covering. Ultra-thin, so that no cracks occur. Thanks to a novel addition, this seamless floor covering is extremely durable. Due to its very trendy and fine surface texture, the new Versatile is extremely easy to clean. Last but not least, the new Terrazzofino® Versatile is a handmade seamless floor. Hence, you as a building client will get a customized, unique and very exclusive floor covering.

Seamless Covering for Flooring, Stairs and Bathrooms

The new Terrazzofino® Versatile got the latest aesthetic design standards. With enormous versatility. Seamless floor covering, distinguished by its sophisticated comfort. This brand new product is suitable for all kind of applications. Get the Versatile as a floor covering and for your stairs. Finally, to benefit from all seamless covering advantages, you can optimize your wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers and spa & wellness areas as well.

Seamless Floor Coverings in 9 Trendy Colors

Terrazzofino® Versatile is available from our sample collection in 9 trendy standard colors or can be customized to your shade of choice upon request.

For more information about this new product please visit the Terrazzofino® Versatile Floor Covering page. If you like to see this beautiful floor covering in action then please visit a showroom near you at one of our contractors.

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